All about Your Lingerie Sanitary Habits.

There’s that special, sweet feeling about purchasing a piece of sexy lingerie and can’t wait to get home to try it on, show it off to ‘you know who’!.

No doubt, wearing fitted, beautiful pair of Lingerie makes you feel sexy, empowered and comfortable as it affects your confidence and self-esteem.

There is however, no general rule of thumb about how or when to wear your brand new underwear because normal means different for a lot of women out there.

So, i have done a bit of research on this subject and here’s what I found;

Do you have to wash a new underwear before you wear it?

The Answer in a word is, yes. In three words, yes, yes, yes!.

Newly bought Lingerie may
look clean and fresh, silently urging you to want to wear it without washing, But,

Experts have strongly advised against it. Imagine this for starters, Who else has probably tried on that particular pair and how many people have handled it in the store?
There’s ino telling the invisible germs that may have clung to it as a result of all this handling.

How about factory workers who made and manufactured it, who must’ve touched it sufficiently, also.

Think about store employees who put it out on display.

With all these in mind, washing your underwear before you wear is not only healthy, but very important.

There are a couple of benefits you get when you wash your lingerie before you wear it;

Washing before wearing helps to dilute the potential thousands of chemicals used in the manufacturing processes.
For example, extra dye on undergarments could be transferred to your skin or other garments, if worn directly from the store.
Ladies, it’s safer to wash before you wear.

Even though its true that a good wash will eliminate a bulk of germs and chemicals on undergarments to keep you safe and comfortable, You should also know that washing your underwears doesn’t always totally sanitize them, so you might want to reconsider how long you want to keep them or how long you’ve worn a particular pair of underwear.

It is safe to replace the underwear you wear regularly, every six months at least, or a year, at most.

Pro tip: You never want to bleach your panties, As not only does it break down the fibers of the cloth and wear your underwear out faster, it can also expose you to chemicals when it interacts with elastic that can cause an allergic reaction on the skin.

Hanging your undergarments to dry in the sun is great, as the UV rays can help sanitize them for you.

Finally, Its time we level up our hygiene standards.
practice safe and sanitary undie habits.
Fall in love with your life and yourself by choosing to give proper attention and care to what you wear because your life will be much better for it.

I hope these tips help make your life simpler and happier.

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